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Sale of Car Trailers - Poland

Sale of Car Trailers - PolandOur company offers customers the sale of modern and functional car trailers, including boat trailers and auto transport trailer. We sell our car trailers to the companies located in Poland, Sweden and Germany.

Our offer of car trailers for sale is based on a large variety, so each customer can choose the suitable product. For the production of trailers, the solid materials is used. That guarantee not only safety, but also long-term use.

Auto transport trailers

In respond to the customer needs, we introduced to our offer transport trailers for sale. Auto transport trailers possess the numerous and necessary safeguards, allowing proper transport of various types of cars. Our trailers possess a low approaching angle, which can be even 11 degrees. All trailers are padded with waterproof and non-slip material. Our customers can count on professional consultancy.

Boat trailers

In our offer, boat trailers could not be missed. We sell on concessional terms and our trailers are made with safety and comfort of lading. All boat trailers have a solid construction and a numerous of innovative solutions. We sell trailers with a capacity to 2820 kg.

About our offer

We sell single and double axle trailers with high GVM rates. Due to such variety and advantageous prices, each customer will find the suitable trailers, according to individual expectations.

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